ד"ר אייל דורון נואם

Becoming Irreplaceable

What would you say if I asked you if you are irreplaceable at work? Most of us would say no. After all, “graveyards are full of indispensable men”, but let's delve deeper. Are there places in our lives where we are irreplaceable? Could someone replace us as a parent to our children? And what about iconic leaders or visionary company founders? Are they replaceable? Suddenly, being irreplaceable seems possible. So why is it so hard for us to think of ourselves as irreplaceable in the workplace? 

Explore why embracing our uniqueness at work can be a game-changer and make us irreplaceable. With artificial intelligence poised to take over, what value do we bring that defies replacement? What is our signature that algorithms can't mimic? 

This thought-provoking talk explores how embracing our unique talents can future-proof our careers. This lecture won’t tell you to “play nice” with AI or learn about the latest AI apps. If you can’t beat them – don’t join them. It will encourage us all to shift our mindset and focus on what AI can’t do: our personal creativity, spontaneity, intuition, our history and experience, our personal point of view, our self-reflection, and our authenticity.

ד"ר אייל דורון

Parenting and Education
in the 21st Century

How can we foster lifelong curiosity and adaptability in our children amid constant change? Embark on a transformative journey based on Dr. Doron’s best-selling book, "Reinventing Parenting." Drawing from extensive global research and conversations with renowned experts, we'll unveil a new approach to motivating curiosity, the evolving impact of technology on younger generations, parenting dynamics, homework, and more. Brace yourselves for surprising tools, up-to-the-minute insights, and a fresh perspective on raising and educating children in a dynamic world. Here’s a spoiler: screens may be beneficial for our kids, and don’t get me started on homework... 

ד"ר אייל דורון

Creativity in Life and Work

If we confine ourselves to the routine, we stagnate. The rules of today's world demand flexibility and innovation across all aspects of our lives. Creativity can't be confined to the 9-to-5 work hours; it shouldn't fade when we return home to our families. It's time to break the mold and unlock our creative potential.  

What do we mean by creativity? It’s more than just coming up with as many crazy ideas as possible. It’s a combination of two contradictory forces that we must embrace – On one side being very clear about our exact goals and how to get there (being linear), and on the other, being radically flexible (being non-linear). Creativity is the combination of these two opposites.  

In this lecture, we’ll delve into practical tools that allow us to visit the two sides, the linear and the non-linear, the predictable path and the unpredictable unknown. Let’s ignite our creative prowess - from careers to relationships, parenting, and personal growth – and discover actionable steps to infuse your everyday life with creative energy starting now.

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