Parenting and Education in the 21st Century

The lecture deals with some of the main issues we all face nowadays, including

אצבעות מופנות באשמה לאמא - ד"ר אייל דורון

Parental guiltHow did parenting become filled with so many moments of guilt? 96% of parents report feeling guilty about some aspect of their parenting! The other 4% probably feel guilty that they don't feel more guilty... 

As parents, we are full of assumptions and axioms that we try to chase and live up to almost at any cost: the perfect mom is home before it gets dark, the happy family is always going on weekend trips, the ideal dad reads bedtime stories. Our list of things we "must" do as parents never ends. Instead of being ourselves, we try to meet expectations- not sure whose.  

What our kids need now more than ever are parents who model original thinking, who encourage self-management, and let their children make their own choices.  

It's time to stop doing homework!

Stop encouraging your kids to do their homework, especially in elementary school. Even in middle school, there is great debate about its effectiveness.


Leading education researchers worldwide have conclusively demonstrated that homework does not contribute to learning achievements, and may actually cause harm. It makes kids resent learning and associate any kind of learning with an unpleasant obligation. It also promotes external motivation rather than internal drive. So when is it important to insist our kids develop values like perseverance and diligence, and when might the opposite approach be wiser?

ילד חושב - ד"ר אייל דורון

Why video games may actually be good for our kids

Everyone talks about (and worries over) kids' screen time. All sorts of fears, warnings and myths surround screen time in general and video games specifically. But this isn't always accurate - in many cases, video games can actually develop abilities and skills in our kids that are vital for navigating the new world. A long list of researchers at prestigious universities have demonstrated connections between certain videogames and cultivating problem-solving abilities, creative thinking,self-efficacy and healthy coping with failure. Are we losing sight of what matters when we concentrate on enforcing rules and measuring screen time, rather than letting our kids discover things on their own?

ילד צופה במסך בלילה - ד"ר אייל דורון
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