The Creative Leaders Process

A process dedicated to developing top talents into standout leaders. For managers aspiring to advance professionally and personally on their way to becoming Super-talents.
This unique 6-session process takes each participant through a meaningful journey of learning, exploring, practicing, and adopting breakthrough mindsets and capabilities – both professionally and personally.  

This process has been successfully implemented at leading organizations across diverse industries and markets – R&D team at Checkpoint, senior management at Fiverr, studio managers at Playtika, Google sales leadership, Future leaders at Salesforce, senior engineers at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Unilever marketing managers, and more.

פאטרן דקורטיבי - ד"ר אייל דורון

What We’ll Focus On:

פאטרן דקורטיבי - ד"ר אייל דורון
  • Introduction to Non-linear thinking principles.
  • Analysis of world-leading organizations that turned their industry on its head.
  • Ongoing practice and application between sessions: Participants lead new ideas in their teams/with their colleagues.
  • Emphasis on personal value: Applying learnings across life domains – an exciting opportunity to benefit people close to us.
  • Interaction between various players in the organization: a chance to learn, explore, and extract insights.
  • Belonging to a unique community of participants who co-create it – the group anchors ongoing activities.

Participants Will:

  • Make the transition from Talents to Super-talents.
  • Become original thinkers.
  • Become more flexible, less change averse.
  • Become bolder and more proactive.
  • Operate with far more self-focus and precision.

The process reveals many promising talents within the organization that may have been previously overlooked.

Key Recommendations:- Sessions should be no more than 3 weeks apart (preferably less).
- Ideal for 25-45 participants.

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