Practical Creativity Workshop

You work hard, streamline processes, draw conclusions, and manage responsibly. You do everything right, yet you feel stuck and want to explore new horizons. This workshop will challenge your thinking and provide innovative and practical tools for creative management in a changing world.
"The peopletaking part in the workshop are always diligent, talented, and leave no stoneunturned. The idea isn't to guide them to what they'd arrive at anyway. We needto challenge fundamental assumptions, to jointly discover a truly noveldirection and make new connections - before our competitors do." (Dr. EyalDoron)

What we'll cover:

In thisworkshop, you'll explore concepts like Linear vs. Non-linear thinkingand how to apply them in your management work. We'll learn to break out of our normal routines and discover fascinating tools that challenge linear thinking, opening new horizons:

פאטרן דקורטיבי - ד"ר אייל דורון
  • Working in four kinds of future time frames: very near, near, far, very far.
  • Why do long-term 10-year plans matter and how do they cultivate courage and imagination?
  • Connecting our daily behavior to our ambitious long-term vision.
  • Distinguishing Talent from Super-talent and why we must make that leap.
  • The principle of Multiplying Goals and why it’s a gamechanger in problem-solving.
  • Introducing pioneering formats of creative management from global leaders.

Nature of the Workshop:

  • Led by Dr. Eyal Doron, who works with organizations worldwide and is deeply familiar with creative leadership challenges.
  • The workshop focuses on practical application of tools and insights, delivering true value to hardworking managers.
  • Highly practical and concrete: tools demonstrated through exercises, active audience participation and questions encouraged to ensure genuine, internalized learning.
  • This workshop is focused on getting things done, not theoretical or "playful" exercises. With precious little time, our goal is to provide actionable creativity tools that lead to quicker results.
  • Key requirement: come ready to think and grow! This professionally and personally valuable workshop helps demystify concepts like "creativity" and "innovation", and ground them in practice. A rare opportunity to gain new tools for creative thinking to achieve new heights professionally and personally.

Ideal for 20-40 participants

‍To spark spontaneous discussion and interaction, we recommend having a large erasable flipchart or whiteboard on hand. Dr. Doron draws on the energy in the room, responding directly to ideas and questions raised by participants.

פאטרן דקורטיבי - ד"ר אייל דורון
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