Our Biggest Challenge

Stuck on a critical issue at your organization? Are your top talents walking out the door to competitors? Has a new rival disrupted your market? Are looming regulatory changes about to turn your industry upside down? It's time for an intensive creative thinking process of 3-4 sessions (4 hours per session) to help you achieve a breakthrough and make your next big, bold move before your competitors do. 

The successful, ambitious organizations we work with have diligent, hard-working managers meeting objectives and executing well. But they (rightly) sense the need to reinvent their next business category. 

Dr. Doron has recently led this process with companies across various industries -cybersecurity, pharmaceuticals, gaming, retail, military, insurance, banking, energy, engineering, satellites, academia, and more.

What We'll Cover:

The sessions focus on finding innovative solutions to your organization's most pressing challenges. We'll emphasize the courage to undermine industry assumptions and conventions. Our goal is to dig in, crack this, and generate fresh thinking. Key: Before beginning, Dr. Doron will work with you to define the "picture of success" for this process.

פאטרן דקורטיבי - ד"ר אייל דורון

What You'll Take Away:

You'll leave with fresh strategic thinking to tangibly move your organization forward - taking one big, bold step ahead of the competition. It will be critical to identify new opportunities, map out possibilities, and define an ambitious mission that can change the world.

Questions We'll Ask:

  • What are our organization's and industry's underlying assumptions? Are they still relevant?
  • What unique value can we offer that competitors can't provide?
  • Why must we distinguish between having lots of "Ideas" and having breakthrough "Categories"?
  • What new business categories could disrupt our industry?
  • How do vision, mission statements, and MTPs differ?
  • Who depends on us? What would the world lack if we didn't exist?
  • How can a sense of mission drive urgency, commitment, collaboration, and ultimately, large-scale success?
  • What's the difference between talents and the way founders think and operate (“Founder Mindset”)?

Workshop Nature:

‍Led by Dr. Eyal Doron, a global expert in creative leadership, who will guide your top talent. Throughout the process, we'll deeply examine the market, its barriers, and its latent opportunities.   This is a rare chance for seasoned, passionate leaders across your organization to meet, collaborate, and dig deep to challenge ingrained patterns. Diverse perspectives are key, so we recommend bringing
10-30 (or more) participants with varied knowledge, experience, and perspectives.

פאטרן דקורטיבי - ד"ר אייל דורון
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