Over the past decade, Dr. Doron has embarked on an international lecture tour in organizations, branches of government, startup companies, and corporations in fields of insurance, financial, pharmaceutical, research and more. The influence on the participants can be seen in fundamental changes in their personal life as well as in the organizations they belong to.

Eyal is a one of a kind lecturer, combining theoretical material, real life examples, witty humor and exceptional charisma...

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Alon Mamlok, Head of Learning and Talent Development


Following the success of the process, our management decided that in a company such as ours, where people and employees are viewed as a critical factor for success, a long-term process with Eyal is necessary. A creativity-developing workshop of several sessions brought substantial breakthroughs in the employees...

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Einat Nemesh, Marketing Manager


An organization must be committed to developing the creativity of all its different levels so it can be ready for the challenges of the future and ever- increasing competition.Creativity is a muscle that most of us have not trained enough. Eyal brings to the table constructive creativity that is done with joy and cooperation of many people in the organization.

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Sharon Landsman, Head of marketing communication

Bank Hapoalim

Using unique tools, Eyal managed to guide us to new and even surprising insights through a fascinating creativity enhancement process...

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Dr. Shlomit Rachmel, Former Head of the Division for Gifted and Outstanding Children

Ministry of Education in Israel

Dr. Doron conveyed his message in a fascinating way, while personally addressing the participants, in the sessions themselves and even after the sessions. Most importantly, the sessions were highly effective, and have led to many changes in the individual as well as at the organizational level...

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Yafa Shtrasler, Head of Executive Development and Foreign Client Relations

Bank Leumi