Re-inventing myself

We all have to “Be Somebody”. Why? So we have a Job. The robots will replace 40% of the workforce, and to be employed, we have to think differently. Completely differently.

When the American band “Kings of Leon” urged us to “Be Somebody”, a century ago, we could say “No thanks”.

In the 21st century. We can’t. Why? Because the rules of the game have changed. Nowadays, we must say yes. Again, why? Because everyone wants to make a living. Because we want to make money and live with dignity and to achieve that, we have to be unique, original and special. We need to hum this song as a mantra before it’s too late.

In a decade, robots will be responsible for making at least 40% of the workforce unemployed. Are we genuinely internalizing this number? An alarming number of researchers and governmental and global bodies, try to warn us regarding what is about to happen- hundreds of thousands of people will be losing their jobs with every new technological breakthrough. Therefore- We must start thinking differently.

We need to see ourselves as “Talents”. Talents that no robot will be able to replace. Humans are required to re-design a special personality for themselves, develop prominence and be unusual. Is this a realistic, achievable task? Yes.

The lecture presents insights and thoughts of thinkers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and managers that enable each one of us to reinvent oneself: as an individual and as an organization.