Happiness and creativity in the 21st century

What is the triangular connection between creativity, happiness and success?
How can we be truly happy in the volatile world of the 21st century?

In an insightful and surprising lecture, Dr. Doron examines those who would struggle to make a living in the near future. If even a taxi driver is rated by an app and is dependent on your feedback to have a job, then we are all trapped in the same "Feedback loop". Can we be happier than ever in such a demanding world? Back to the Taxi driver- The robots and chatbots are after his jobs, and he is not alone. How can creativity help him steer his life towards employment, success and even prosperity in these harsh, new conditions?

This thought provoking, humorous lecture integrates studies, anecdotes and fascinating stories. It touches on all aspects of life – including love, friendship, children, family and of course – work.

** Optional: Emphasis on some of the most inspiring companies around the world that manage to find the "Win-Win" formula: happy employees + great financial success.