Executive Process

This methodology is dedicated to profoundly cultivate a creative worldview. This worldview is essential as a toolset toward challenges every management team is facing in a new, ever-changing, dynamic and sometimes unexpected world. The sessions are of an experiential nature and include individual and group exercises.

Special emphasis is placed on "everyday creativity," working with inspiring role- models and on acquiring tools for problem solving and for achieving individual, team and company breakthroughs. The exercises encourage participants to apply creative thinking skills as a means to realize their individual potential and to embrace A more innovative and effective way of thinking in the workplace. This methodology has proven itself effective among employees and managers, entrepreneurs and students in different fields, as well as executive management in Israel and abroad.

Characteristics of the Process:
  • Acquaintance with the principles of essential creativity.
  • Refinement and establishment of personal and organizational happiness as a stepping stone for peak performance.
  • Techniques of problem solving with regard to personal and professional challenges.
  • Critical thinking versus Intuitive thinking.
  • Simulations of work under changing conditions of uncertainty.
  • A challenging and experiential workshop, consisting of individual and group exercises.