Crazies, stop being Normal!

We were taught that "serious" and "responsible" is good. But the 21st century works completely differently. By learning a model of intuitive management, you will make a difference and gain an unfair advantage over competitors.

We were brought up thinking it is important to be "serious" and "responsible" people. We are used to thinking by rigid categories of Black/White, work/home, childishness/ maturity. We have been taught to admire logical thinking, to be responsible, to do our homework, be on time, and study for exams.
But the 21st century works differently: all the leaders of the New World: Google, Facebook Amazon, you name it - are actually "crazies" who go against almost everything we've learned. The 21st century respects people who also work with their intuition and gut feelings, spontaneously, out of sheer passion. Very soon we will all be asked to be a bit crazy too.

It is no longer possible to stick only to a safe path and to life choices that are well organized and double checked. So here's a question:
When was the last time someone at work told you that you were a bit crazy?

In this lecture, we will demonstrate a model of intuitive management that makes a difference and creates an unfair advantage over our competitors. So how to get out of the Matrix, why Bruce Willis always wins, and how come a state of "temporary insanity" is the new sane .