About Dr. Doron

Researcher. Author. Professional lecturer.Thought leader. Studies and enhances creative intelligence.

Inventor of the SEISEI method for enhancing creativity: an essential skill set and state of mind towards 21st -century challenges, problem-solving and extraordinary achievements in an uncertain, ever-changing environment.

Based on insights from disciplines such as Philosophy, Psychology, Behavioral Science and Media Studies, and his studies of extraordinary individuals and forward-thinking organizations worldwide, Dr. Doron has developed practical tools and principles that help organizations and individuals acquire and lead a creative worldview in various aspects of life in general and specifically in the workplace.


Dr. Doron’s works with top-notch private and public sector companies in Israel and abroad via lectures, workshops, and close mentoring of innovation processes.

On top, Dr. Doron is the Head of the Interdisciplinary Division of Psychology and Philosophy at the School of Psychology at the IDC Herzliya, a TEDx speaker, advisor to the Israeli government, and creator of several TV formats. He currently writes his next two books. Dr. Doron’s basic premise is a strong linkage between essential daily creativity, individual and organizational happiness, and peak performance. He believes that everyone can enhance their creative thinking through a series of adaptable systematic processes that build an innovative, entrepreneurial attitude. In fact, in today’s world, everyone must do so, starting today.