Creative thinking and problem solving
that lead to peak performance
in an ever-changing world

Lectures, workshops and strategic processes

Enhance creative skills and Innovation,
boost leadership and team motivation
and Improve organizational culture

Dr. Eyal Doron

Researcher, author, professional lecturer, thought leader.

Expert in developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills, in order to achieve individual & organizational peak performances.

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A sense of urgency

A sense of urgency

Creative Thinking Why & How

Creative Thinking
Why & How

Dr. Eyal Doron @ TEDx

Dr. Eyal Doron @ TEDx

The SEISEI way

The SEISEI way



Everyone can enhance their creative thinking ...
and develop an innovative, entrepreneurial attitude.
In fact, in today’s world, everyone must do so, starting today .”
Dr Eyal Doron



SEISEI is an innovative educational method and platform.
SEISEI focuses on developing creative thinking & resourcefulness among children and teens, which is essential for coping with the dynamic and complex world of the 21st century.
The method is based on empiric research and was tested successfully among tens of thousands of children and teens from various populations nationwide.

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